Fitness Product Television Commercials and the Busy Man

There are a large number of options and choices that men have today when it comes to selecting a training or conditioning program. There are magazines focused on health, sports, and fitness, as well as bodybuilding. Information is also available online in blogs and web sites, including text and video. Probably the most well known to many men are the ads on television, particularly during the late night hours, for fitness and training courses, as well as training machines and other devices. The courses are usually sold in a package of one or more DVDs. Products such as this can be a great convenience for a man who is not able to visit an actual gym or weight room.

It needs to be remembered, however, that fitness and muscle conditioning are not always a matter of one-size-fits-all. What may be appropriate for one person may not necessarily be the best choice for someone else, for any of a number of reasons. How is one to know which one is best? There are some questions that should be asked before making such a purchase. These questions should consider the purpose of the item in question, the way that the course or device us to be used, and what the actual price of the product is with all of the associated costs included.

To watch the commercials themselves, it often appears that there is nothing that is beyond the capability of the item being advertised. For those who are overweight, out of shape, or who simple want to look and feel better, this is the audience that the ads are being directed. In all fairness, this is often true of the busy man who is preoccupied with family responsibilities and work commitments, and has little free time to work out on a regular basis. Again, these are the people that are usually depicted in the presentation of the commercials.

This is the reason why it is important to ask what the use of the product is intended for. Some are designed to assist in weight loss and body toning. For a man who used to be quite active in sports, and now is leading a more sedentary life, this may be a useful and motivating tool for helping to re-establish a healthy lifestyle. There are courses and devices that are meant to help the user to build up and tone muscle, as well as endurance and stamina. Such a product may also be geared toward someone interested in losing weight. It is important to look at your own needs and abilities, as the use of such products may require a certain level of fitness and general good health in order to realize the stated benefits. It would be a waste of time and money to buy the product, only to discover that you are unable to use it because it is not right for your level or ability.

It is important to find out just what the product requires on the part of the consumer in order for the advertised results to occur. The question that should be asked is, “What else is there besides what is being talked about?” This is often answered by way of small type print near the bottom of the screen, often appearing very quickly at some point before disappearing as quickly. In the case of a weight loss course, there is usually an accompanying nutrition or eating plan which may be mentioned during the presentation. In addition, there may be a shot of an appetizing meal or meal item, but there is a good chance that these are not representative of what an actual eating plan meal would be.

Another thing to ask about is the amount of time required in order to successfully use the product or course. Does the commercial make it plain that this product will not give instant results, and that a period of time and effort is needed to get results? If so, what is the time period recommended? Some programs are explicit in claiming that training and exercise sessions should be scheduled 3-6 times per week, though some are not. It is also good to know if there is anything about the product that needs to be assembled, or shipped separately. This can be quite helpful knowledge when purchasing any type of training or weight machine, particularly if it is something that is large, heavy, and stationary.

Without a doubt the most important issue to consider when deciding to buy anything is the purchase price. Very rarely in a television commercial is the price mentioned early on in the presentation. The intent of the program producer is to attract and keep the attention of the audience in order to extol the benefits of the product, and then carefully give the information required about purchasing it. This can be one single price or, more often for something costing more than fifty dollars, an offer for the customer to make two or three installment payments covering the total amount of the purchase, including shipping and handling. This can be deceptive, though, because there may be “optional” extras that are alluded to during the commercial, but there may be no actual choice about deciding whether or not to buy these items when the order is placed online or over the telephone.

Additional product charges might include food items for the meal plan, nutritional supplements, or books and magazines. Exercise equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands, or an exercise mat, are also common. Something to be especially careful about, and on the look out for, are additional charges that come in the form of offers for any type of upgrade in product or service, from what was originally

There are many offers for products on television that may be of interest to the busy man when it comes to fitness, training, or muscle conditioning. Before actually purchasing anything, the buyer should carefully consider what is actually being presented in the commercial. The viewer needs to be clear on the purpose of the product, as well as the actual cost and any other charges that may be added.